Thursday, January 16, 2014

has been selected for Amazon's  Big Deal promotion.

 Yeah, so?
So you can buy a copy for your Kindle for 99 cents from Jan.17th - Feb.2nd.

    I never buy without trying on.

 Me either. That's why I invite you to read a couple of chapters over at Glenmere Press.

Damned If You Don't features Hannah Fox, daughter of sixties radicals, who together with the intrepid Women of Action, takes on the bad guys and the power brokers when an eminent domain scam threatens her Catskill Mountain town.

When the scam ends in murder and her friend becomes a suspect, Hannah faces hard choices, convinced the murder was a heroic act, even when it’s clear she may be the killer’s next victim.

"...Anita Page's debut novel is a winner start to finish..."  The Gumshoe Review
"...well plotted and paced, with surprising twists."  Buried Under Books
" intelligent plot and an appealing heroine..." The GenReview 

I hope you'll also check out my friend Cathi Stoler's Nick of Time, another Glenmere Press e-book available as a  99 cent January Big Deal at Amazon. 

My short story "Don't Be Afraid" is up at Kings River Life this week.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Box of Books

When, at age eight or nine, I inherited a box of books from my cousins, I felt as if I'd been given the world. I remember very clearly the smell and texture of those old cloth-covered hardbacks, and the feeling of anticipation as I unpacked the box at home. One of those books was Little Women, which gave me my first seductive glimpse of a writer’s life: Jo March scribbling in the attic with a pet rat for company. In fact, a few of those books might still be on our shelves.

I thought about that box recently while poking around Project Gutenberg, the user-friendly site founded by the late Michael Stern Hart that at present offers 44,479 e-books for free download. What a gift! 

You can join the conversation at Women of Mystery today.