Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Sentence Tuesday

 It's Two Sentence Tuesday over at Women of Mystery. Please join us there if you'd like to share two sentences you've written and/or two you've read. Here's my contribution from the WIP:

The conversation played out as Gaby had imagined, except that Stefan cleaned up his language because their son was there. She could hear Sam badgering Stefan to let him tell her the thing he’d forgotten to tell her about the gerbil, and then, “When is my mommy coming?” After a long silence, Stefan said she could come on Sunday between nine and eleven, and she knew he’d thrown her that crumb because Sam was at his elbow.

(I know, I know. That's three sentences, but it's okay to cheat.)


  1. Awesome sentences. I don't know these folks at all but somehow I know that you got the tone exactly right.

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